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Reserve slots are $5 per month payable via PAYPAL to carolseye@gmail.com


Included in your reserve slot purchase is TK and Kick immunity as well as the ability to get on a full server before other players.

A few rules apply to reserve slots:

  • All payments must be recieved by the 1'st of the month.  If your payment isn’t received by the first of the month then your slot will be removed until payment is received.

  • Reserve slot also includes immunity. Immunity includes Team Kill punishment abuse and immunity from being kicked from the server. Abuse of of immunity can result in loss of reserve slot with no refund.

  • Reserve slot payment must be made via PayPal. Other methods must be discussed with DeathGrip via a PM in our forum.

  • Reserve slot payment is good for 1 calendar month. There is no retro payment for a partial month.

  • Steam_ID / Real Name / In Game Name must be included with your paypal message or a separate PM sent to DeathGrip with the same information. As PayPal will send "John Doe" as the sender we need to know who it is from.

  • Reserve slots are non-transferable. There is no refund for partial use, lack of use, or being banned from the server.